The coach and expert in trust and new customer acquisition.

I was head of my own digital agency for 25 years and founded 6 digital startups. Often communication is designed for quick success, startups as well. Leider haben viele persönliche Beziehungen mit meinen Geschäftspartnern in dieser Zeit nur 1-3 Jahre gehalten. Ein persönlicher Verlust und eine wirtschaftliche Katastrophe.

The shift to a consistent focus on trusting relationships has changed everything. In my life, in my businesses and in my personal relationships.

The application of the CONFIDENCE BUILDING STONES has made companies more successful in hundreds of workshops - and led to significantly more new customers.

What is important to me

A number of values determine my life. The following points are particularly important to me:

Live strong relationships intensively & loyally: We live in relationships. The relationship with my life partner, with my children, my parents and our families are the most important things in my life. I value close friendships very much. But inspiring encounters with new acquaintances also enrich my life enormously. And relationships with my business partners are ideally more than just business. I try to live all these relationships as intensively and long-lasting as possible.

Always be open to new things: Only those who keep their eyes open and remain flexible to absorb new impressions can continue to develop personally. I am convinced that this is a journey that never ends. Traveling to new countries, getting to know new cultures, visiting new exhibitions, listening to new concerts, studying new scientific findings, using new tools - all this is existential for the mind and soul. And then to use these insights actively and courageously is important to move forward in life and profession.

To be mindful and compassionate: We all live in communities, in families, in communities and cities, in countries and on our beautiful globe. Being mindful of each other and our environment, seeing the big picture while paying attention to the little things, is close to my heart.

What has shaped me

My mother (housewife) and my father (Dipl. Ing. Mechanical Engineering in sales)
My childhood and youth in Taunus near Frankfurt am Main
My training as an industrial clerk at Degussa AG and numerous jobs in marketing
My studies in Regensburg and at the LMU Munich (focus on marketing, market and advertising psychology as well as information and communication)
My three children
My life partner
My friends
Many travels
16 years living at Ammersee

What I like

Crossover-Kochen, Abendessen mit mehr als fünf Personen, meinen Mercedes-Oldtimer, Musik, Eintracht Frankfurt, Schottland und Israel

My active digital companies


pleyces is the global social network for people who love to travel. The website and mobile apps make it easy to connect with exciting people in my favorite places. Users are tourists of all kinds, especially frequent travelers, au pairs, photographers, pilots or stewardesses, expats and students. They look at the posts and tips about their destinations. Users also share photos about the places they love. All the functionalities of pleyces are free. The social network helps to discover our commonalities in the diversity of the Earth.



Digitale Nachlassplanung is the online service tool for making comprehensive provisions for your own death. Here you store all the information and documents your family and friends need in case something should happen to you. This includes, among other things, your will, powers of attorney, insurance documents, online accounts and passwords, medical information, last messages to survivors and your funeral wishes.



COCO new media is the digital agency for B2B companies. It stands for modern UI/UX concepts, first-class web design, modern technologies and high-performance online marketing. Over 800 digital projects are the basis for competent consulting on the pulse of time. Clients are advised on current trends at management level. Digital solutions for internet and intranet are offered from a single source.


"To pass on the TRUST BUILDING BLOCKS is a personal concern for me. I know that they will help many people in their personal and business relationships."

- Martin G Bauer -.

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