Invest in your new customer acquisition by approaching your customer in a new way based on your trustworthiness.

Take the chance now for direct implementation with the help of personal and individual support in the form of coaching, workshop or lecture.

What is trust coaching?

Working with an experienced business coach is your ultimate tool to achieve tremendous results. Some of the most successful businesses and entrepreneurs rely on business coaching services to differentiate themselves from the competition. In coaching with Martin G Bauer, you will be personally guided on your path to becoming a trusted entrepreneur. Live coaching can take the form of one-time one-day and five-day workshops, as well as ongoing 1:1 coaching over several months.

Whether your business is just getting started and needs help getting going in the right direction, or your brand is already established but has reached a plateau, with 1:1 coaching from Martin G Bauer you will create a plan for tremendous growth and exemplary success. 


Martin G Bauer will get to know you and your business and provide you withpersonal 1:1 guidance to help you achieve your biggest goals and meet the specific needs of your business. To achieve them, you'll break through limiting beliefs that hold you back and identify opportunities and strategies to create strong business growth. Workshops are held in the form of 1-day and 5-day offerings. They can beon-site or remote.

Trust is the basis for successful new customer acquisition. With the workshop of Martin G Bauer you implement the established methods directly and will see the result immediately.

What is important to me:
I want businesses of all sizes to be able to benefit from using the Trust Building Blocks. Therefore, I offer day workshops for individuals and small business owners up to 5 employees at discounted rates (as my time permits).

1-on-1 Coachings

1-on-1 coaching sessions are the most direct and intensive way to achieve your goals.  In this model, 1-on-1 meetings are scheduled every 10 to 14 days. Expert guidance keeps you on track for the next 12 to 18 months. During these meetings you set clear goals and create action plans. 

With this coaching, you will experience more and more success. Incorporating business coaching for every member of your leadership team can lead to explosive, exponential growth.


Martin G Bauer is an experienced speaker for all types of events.

Presentations on trust can focus on the topic of new customer acquisition, as well as on specific customer groups such as doctors, financial service providers, industrial companies, startups, lawyers or the real estate industry.

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