Every industry is different. I know this very well from working with over 300 different companies over the last 24 years.

In order to provide the right content for the needs and target groups of your industry, I have created a series of special trainings.

The industry webinars show you specifically what is important for your company in order to gain the trust of your potential customers.

Each training consists of 15 modules that are available to you for life, and is supplemented with valuable scripts for easy implementation.

The regular price of the individual Trust building kits is 297€. Secure the Early Bird special price of ONLY 199€ now until the official launch date!


Find out why customer focus and personality are so important for startups and how you can best communicate them

The online training for every startup! 


Learn why competence and decisiveness are so important for lawyers, what it takes and how you can best communicate it.

The online training for every lawyer and law firm! 

TRUST BUILDING KIT Contractors & Craftsmen

Learn why results and accountability are so important for contractors & tradespeople and how you can best communicate it

The online training for every construction company, craftsman & tradesman! 

TRUST BUILDING KIT Financial services providers

Find out why the aura is so important for financial service providers, what all is involved and how you can best communicate it

The online training for every financial service provider from the areas of investment, assets, insurance, etc.! 

TRUST BUILDING KIT Doctors and hospitals

Find out why competence and clarity are so important for physicians and clinics, what is involved and how you can best communicate it.

The online training for every doctor (all specialties), clinics and hospitals! 

TRUST BUILDING KIT B2B and capital goods business

Find out why results and future expectations are so important for B2B and capital goods companies and how you can best communicate them.

The online training for every B2B and capital goods company (software, hardware, mechanical engineering, electrical, plant engineering, real estate, medical technology, etc.! 

TRUST BUILDING KIT Agencies & Consultants

Find out why personality and experience are so important for agencies and consultants and how you can best communicate it.

The online training for every agency (advertising, digital, travel, etc.) and every consultant (coaching, personal, business consulting, etc.)! 

The courses on this page are currently being rearranged. You can register in advance on the individual pages and thus secure your Early Bird advantage price of only 199€ (instead of 297€).
Until the possible registration start best with the course "VERTRAUENSBAUSTEINE Secrets" or the free script VERTRAUENSBAUSTEINE.

Download for free

Get the script "TRUST BUILDING BLOCKS" and start convincing your potential new customers of your trustworthiness right away!

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